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2011, 2012.. Have a look at vonlynX's new KOENIG LUDWIG event series in Berlin and elsewhere maybe soon.

Parties and events have continued since 2008, but we stopped maintaining this event calendar.


2008-12-31 von lynX does a hybrid dj and live show at BALTIC BERLIN BEACH, bundespressestrand.

2008-10-15 von lynX checked out zurmöbelfabrik. everything was okay.

2008-06-28 von lynX plays 4h straight @ bürgerforum truck, Christopher Street Day (CSD) parade, Berlin.

2008-06-14,15 der SOMMER hat GEBURTSTAG. wir schenken ihm ein GUMMIBOOT und lachen - a buTThARp, aT:TaRIK, bErlinGrad & bAR25 summer orgy in Berlin.

2008-05-31 von lynX @ Team Plastique's Ziegfried & Roye Spectacular, Monster Ronson's Ichiban, Warschauerstraße, Berlin.

2008-05-30 von lynX @ Adrien's incredible Tokyo Decadence, for the first time in Berlin. It's really as crazy as it looks. Don't miss it next time.

2008-05-09 Marie Alibi presents: Dr. Raphaël & MC Mör, von lynX, Johnny & Bride @ Mme Claude, Lübbener Str. 19; Berlin Kreuzberg. Be sure to wear your clothes upside down!

2008-04-30 von lynX cameo appearance at FACETTE party, TRESOR, Berlin.

2008-03-07 that's live @ NUI NIGHTS, kittykat club, Berlin.

2008-02-29 INTERNATIONAL BUTTHARP SPACE DISKO featuring guests from Italy, Estonia, Holland, Norway and many great hosts from Berlin, of course @ Maria & Josef.

2008-02-02 von lynX @ kittykat club, Berlin.

2008-01-01 MAX DURANTE (& von lynX) @ KitKat: The Most Appropriate New Year's Techno After-Hour.


2007-12-31 von lynX @ zurmöbelfabrik NYE celebrations.

2007-12-30 von lynX, back @ C-BASE AFTER-CONGRESS PARTY.

2007-12-20 von lynX @ WICKED WEIHNACHTEN feat. the L32 Xmas Enforcement Team.

2007-12-14 von lynX @ Fight Club Aftershow; Cut'N'Paste Theaterfestival; HAU2.

2007-12-08 von lynX @ DESTROY OZLO says tetsuo. Yes, Norway this time. @ club pi.

2007-10-13 von lynX @ Team Plastique's legendary TUTTI FRUTTI numero DUE at ICHIBAN, Warschauerstr. 34 feat. Mark Boombastik, the Fisted Sisters, Yoko Fono, Frau Ball & Ray Robot. Expect the usual madness only the combination of Plastique and Berlin can bring. 5E before midnite or in tootie frootie dress. 7E otherwise.

2007-09-14 von lynX @ the L32 Wrestling Foundation Event at Bar 25.

2007-09-07 ALEXANDER ROBOTNICK @ ECLECTICA festival 2007, Tartu, Estonia.

2007-07-21 von lynX @ El Rütli, Neukölln together with the fabelhaft HANS BERG live and MANDEL IN SIRUP, the sweetest taste in minimal!

2007-07-14 von lynX avec Emmanuelle 5 de LTNO, le Dead Sexy Inc. DJ and DANCEPIG live @ JFK turns 30, ZMF, Berlin

2007-06-21 von lynX @ zurmöbelfabrik, Berlin with TEAM PLASTIQUE

2007-06-09 THAT'S the live DJ vs. TETSUO the norwegian stallion @ DIMUSCHI, Paris also feat. AUDIOJACK, HENRY GOES DIRTY, PAUL RITCH and more..

2007-05-11 von lynX supports the E-Kreisel @ spoiler Music, Berlin

2007-04-06 Drama Nui, Munich Liberation Front, Bahama & von lynX Chicks Don't Like Minimal

2007-03-17 von lynX hosts VINCENT VEGA vs DERRAAB . Dancefloor clean-out by DUDE PLASTICS @ RIO.

2007-03-16 von lynX at E-KREISEL's L32 ALL*STARS "Kurz vor Harz" PARTY @ L32 Keller.

2007-01-25 in BERLIN MITTE:
      von lynX w/ special guest MAX DURANTE @ zurmoebelfabrik.

2007-01-20 in PARIS, FRANCE:

*   THAT'S the live DJ!?
... plus several live gigs
@ DIMUSCHI under pont Alexandre III!!!!!

this was going to be legendary and it turned out to be legendary ...


2006-12-30 von lynX @ Chaos Communication Congress, Berlin (boombastic aftershow party!!!! thanxxx).

2006-12-02 von lynX DJ set @ DAFT PANKOW, Falckensteinstraße 42, Berlin with BUGGY and RITTMEISTER (minimal hufdisko).

2006-12-01 VON LYNX & DAS GEIL LIVE @ L32, BERLIN. unstoppable fantastic mythical.. as always.

2006-10-13 von lynX back on air @ SPACELAB, radio ONDAROSSA 87.9 FM, Rome, Italy.

2006-09-30 THAT'S live @ LOADED! Rashomon, Rome, Italy.

2006-09-01 von lynX w/ silverspin @ kitkat, Berlin.

2006-09-01 ROCKERS INCORPORATE! w/ the fabulous TRANSFORMER DI ROBOTER (live) and THE ÜBERBABES (live) supported by THAT'S THE DJ, DIGITALEX and DUDE PLASTICS @ golden gate.


2006-08-19 THAT'S THE DJ feeling the colors of JIM AVIGNONs paintings at AVIGNON GALLERY, LOWER EAST SIDE MANHATTAN, 128 Rivington St, between Ludlow and Essex, New York, NY.

2006-08-05 14 hours open-air rave with L32, feat. von lynX in the early morning hours (because i like the sunshine!) @ bar25, Spree beach, Berlin.

2006-07-22 von lynX plays 4h straight @ bürgerforum truck, Christopher Street Day parade, berlin.

2006-07-04 euRoClAsh neon night @ WM-Lounge, Stadtbad Oderberger Str, Berlin featuring FCK YUO I'M A ROBOT and VON LYNX.


2006-04-25 von lynX @ nazca, Rome.

2006-04-24 von lynX @ mini surprise gig at l-ektrica, Rome.

2006-03-31 von lynX @ NUI corporation QUICKIE, KITKAT.

2006-03-17 VON LYNX meets one of the best crowds ever.. at L32.. thank you! FIRST MEN ON PLUTO! played too, but after the amplification had gone over the jordan. what a pity. good enough however to catch a new record deal!

2006-02-09 von lynX @ ZURMOEBELFABRIK.

2006-02-03 von lynX @ VisualBerlin, Zentrale Randlage.

2006-01-10 von lynX @ nazca, via del Gazometro, Roma.

LoLLiPoP stress factory


2005-11-26 von lynX clashes the euRo at LoLLiPoP in Budapest once more, but this time STRESS and SAKAL stole my show!! ;°)

2005-11-26 on the same night, tetsuo goes eclectic in estonia for the infamous ERKI fashion show, supported by the fabulous KIWANOID and FABRIQUE. can't wait to have them in berlin.

2005-11-22 von lynX @ nazca, via del Gazometro, Roma.

2005-11-11 FIRST MEN ON PLUTO!, HANS BERG, FETISCH, DRAMA NUI, Das Dynamische Duo & carlo von lynX @ Rio, Berlin.

2005-10-01 von lynX @ Bermudavisualisten, Zentrale Randlage

2005-09-10 carlo von lynX @ beautycase label night with napsugar and derRaab, U6 Heinrich-Heine, Berlin.

2005-09-09 "Triumphmannschaft of Pop" @nbi. live: Miki Mikron (der singende DJ, Pudel-Produkte, Hamburg) + John Maynard (Zuckerpop-Rockn, Berlin), Djs: Johnny & Bride (euRoClAsh), the fabulous DAN BIKINI, Senaef.

2005-09-03 euRoClAsh party at ECLECTICA FESTIVAL in electro-boomtown Tartu, Estonia: FCK YUO I'M A ROBOT, FIRST MEN ON PLUTO!, ROLEMODEL + GOTO80, ANDREAS TILLIANDER and concluding CARLO VON LYNX cleaning up the floor. visuals by MACHINE, BÜRO DESTRUCT and Z9.

2005-09-02 JOHNNY & BRIDE @ team plastique party, Berlin.

2005-08-27/28 first men on pluto!, killing time @ timefree, RIGA, Latvia. then aftershow party von lynX, FABRIQUE, KING BIT, KIWA NOID and the SISTERS OF SHIT at DEPO club, Riga.

2005-07-22 MUJIK @ LoLLiPoP, Budapest.

2005-07-16 MUJIK live at club 103, Berlin.

2005-07-09 radio euRoClAsh loud'n'live @nbi feat. THAT'S THE DJ (italectro), ASSID ( gothenburg), TETSUO (beturecords), SIEGELHEAD (euRoClAsh/ponylounge) and MUJIK (delta-b buenos aires). deejay: MARRY JOHNNY TALLOU.

2005-07-01 ELEKTROSCHAUM³ feat. dramaNui, ChromaS, von lynX, & derRaab. Neonlichthüpfburgschaumparty @ wir machen das kitkat kaputt.

2005-06-24 von lynX & too many other deejays @ PONYLOUNGE PARTY.

2005-06-24 The magnificent MONOSURROUND @ ROBOOTIK of LoLLiPoP, Budapest.

2005-06-18 danton eeprom, von lynX & Marry talLOU @ Berlin Beats Marseille 2:0 ;) @ melody'n sous-sol..

2005-05-21 bossarella (euRoClAsh) @ mira, Greifswald.

2005-05-15 von lynX rockking off truck #94 (combi asesina mobile) at Karneval der Kulturen. pyonen here we come! love parade? what's that? a song from the mid 80s by the Dream Academy, exactly!

2005-05-15 then later the same day: Neoangin w/ DJs Pistoletta, Telepathe, Frederik Schikowski, Sandhazel, Silvia und Nando, Superclub, Carlo von Lynx, Julius Nerdinger, Steve Morell, Barbara Hallama, So laeufts - ''Combi Asesina Night'' @ Maria am Ostbahnhof

2005-05-07 hans berg, von lynX, bossarella & johnny clash @ shutdown heeresbäckerei.

2005-05-06 euRoClAsh TWENFM party feat. TETSUO & MISS REBEL, SIMON ACETONE, Feldstärke Einxz, Shir Khan and our host, Carlo von lynX.

2005-04-29 carlo von lynX presented first men on pluto!.. LIVE in BUDAPEST @ 2 years of LoLLiPoP. What a blast!


2005-04-09 radiO euRoClAsh on TWENFM each saturday, but this saturday we have special guests: MONOSURROUND and FIRST MEN ON PLUTO! celebrating an electric pop reunion. :))

2005-03-06 von lynX @ plastique? c'est chic! with savas pascalidis, noisy pigg, etc.

2005-03-05 KÜNSTLERTREU from DER PLAN, known for DAUERFISCH and great solo works, presents his new and old stuff on radiO euRoClAsh!

2005-02-19 TWENFM EUROSTARS feat. DRAMA NUI (rafgier euRoClAsh), HARI SELDON (neon kollektiv) and the fabulous HANS BERG (PROTEKK) live.

2005-02-18 carlo von lynX @ Berlin University of Arts vernissage & party.

2005-01-21 and -22, twenFM studio live from the café moskau, berlin - managed by carlo von lynX, featuring guests such as IAMX, CLIENT, LOUIE AUSTEN and MAXIM of PRODIGY fame.

2005-01-02 von lynX @ nazca, via del Gazometro, Roma.


2004-12-11 twenFM basement party feat. ACID PAULI (CONSOLE), von lynX, BENJI TM (radioTENAX), THE SCANDALS (PALE) and some good-looking garage grunge band. ;)

2004-11-27 von lynX @ JIM AVIGNON's who's afraid of friendly capitalism? @ haus schwarzenberg, together with CASA ELECTRO NOVO, YAS from SOBA 23, le hammond inferno! etc.

2004-11-20 DESTROY:MINISTRY featuring MITTE KARAOKE, KOOK & ROXXY, THE SCANDALS (emma eclectic & steve morell), CINTHIE, VON LYNX, etc.

2004-10-16 rafgier DESTROY lego's birthday party - feat. dramaNui, cinthie, carlo von lynX and the usual bunch. there was a live act that was called "chicken tikka" i believe. heehee.

2004-09-25 DESTROY:MITTE (PICTURES!) featuring delta B artist mujik from argentina live (go listen to his fabulous mp3 files.. i spin his stuff at each and every party!) plus dj simon acetone, author of london's legendary electro cover version of "walk like an egyptian." check out his deejay mix, excellent! all elaborate electro! last summer he really rocked the floor!

2004-08-14 von lynX @ jailhouse, budapest w/ bassdroid, u-lab, str55 & sakal

2004-08-12 euRoClAsh meets SOBA 23. venue: GAP CLUB ZAGREB. DJs: von lynX, YAS. Live act: Zarkov.
2004-08-07 von lynX @ container OKC abrasevic, mostar

2004-08-06 von lynX @ SICE art event, vilsonovo BB, kod arsaevi mosta, sarajevo

2004-08-05 von lynX @ THE BAR², sarajevo, w/ maxim & box

2004-07-31 von lynX @ TRNfest, ljubljana w/ luke the wizard

2004-07-24 DESTROY euRoClAsh feat. JOHN MAYNARD, HEADLESS & FRETLESS (die türen gone punk), dramaNui (kitkat/CO²), cinthie (electric kingdom), the euRoClAshers and RAFgiers!

2004-07-17 von lynX @ Kunsthochschule Berlin FASHION SHOW

2004-03-20 euRoClAsh @ SEISCHÖN feat.
LIVE: first men on pluto! + HANS BERG (PROTEKK, oh la laa) + GUCCI MUSHI (rafgier/munichelectropunx)
MIXER: carlo von lynX + bossarella

2004-03-19 von lynX with MONOSURROUND and MOONBOOTICA @ Kaisersaal.³

2004-03-05 von lynX with SHAPEMOD (terranova), SHIR KHAN and NEONMAN @ piraten in not,

carlo von lynX


2003-12-31 von lynX & friends @ nbi silvester

2003-10-31 von lynX @ euRoClAsh hAllOwEEn

2003-10-25 von lynX @ MEDIAS feat. Smatka Molot.

2003-10-21 vonlynX @ l-ektrica, akab, Rome, Italy

2003-09-06 euRoClAsh bombboutique @ RIO feat. neonman live, butterfly potion, carbonid solo, dahlia, von lynX and suzana sucic

2003-08-08 von lynX @ SAME SAME.. but different, No52 by the river, Berlin, feat. Simon Acetone (Delta B)

2003-08-02 first men on pluto! @ electROBOT.

2003-07-26 first men on pluto! @ electronicSat.

2003-07-25 von lynX live @ launch option.

2003-06-27 von lynX @ SAME SAME.. but different, National Gallery, Museumsinsel Berlin, ein Katzenwurf vom Pergamon entfernt.

2003-06-21 first men on pluto! @ electROBOT, engler+piper.

2003-06-14 twenFM @ RIO
feat. Kerosin live, Shapemod (terranova DJ-PA), carlo von lynX, Shir Khan etc.

2003-05-31 von lynX @ SEASIDE RENDEZVOUS @ mira, Greifswald.

2003-04-03 von lynX @ jansan clash bash @ wrapstars.


2002-12-12 euRoClAsh ][ @ Maria am Ostbahnhof, Berlin
feat. first men on pluto!, John Maynard, JoJo DeFreq (Nag Nag Nag) and Reuben Wu (Ladytron). In promotion and style cooperation with deep¹.


2002-09-28 euRoClAsh I @ Bootlab
feat. first men on pluto!, derRaab, DIN3000, SUB (sheSaidDestroy).

2002-08-31 von lynX @ SICK POP WEDDING, Holz & Farbe, Berlin Wedding.

kunstfabrik: von lynX @ club transmediale side event.. when was that again?

... and every now and then rAdiO euRoClAsh...

¹) the promotion partner didn't settle the finances.
²) the venue didn't settle the finances.
³) the promoter didn't settle the finances.

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